Funding Plan

The cooperation mechanism for visiting scholars and postdoctoral researchers of the Hologram Academy of Sciences:


We are looking for the global Facing scholars who have already obtained a PhD; or the doctors from universities and research institutions who are engaged in basic science and applied technology research.

2.Cooporation Method and Process

Preliminary Evaluation: applicants submit detailed information about their scientific research projects (including research plans, research objectives, and research methods, etc.).

Evaluation: The evaluation committee of R&D Center (composed of experts and doctoral supervisors) evaluates the value of the applicant’s research project and determines the final candidate.

Signing contract: Applicants who pass the review will become visiting scholars or postdoctoral researchers of the Holographic Academy of Sciences, and the company will arrange to sign a strategic cooperation agreement with them.

Funding plan: The Hologram Academy of Sciences will provide research funds for cooperating scholars, and provide access to WIMI, so that they can be exposed to real business scenarios, and jointly promote the production and landing of more scientific research results with practical application value.