Funding Plan

Recruitment mechanism for researchers of the R&D Center:


We are looking for the global scholars who have already obtained a master's or doctoral degree; or the university scholars and researchers from scientific research institutions all over the world, who are engaged in basic science and applied technology research.

2.Recruiting Process

Firstly, the applicant submits the following data to the company for review.

①  Personal resume (including learning experience, work experience, hobbies, etc.) and personal photographs

②  Academic certificate

③  Copy of ID card

④  Introduction to a completed research project that you have participated in

⑤  A copy of a representative academic paper or research report that has been published

The company will arrange to sign a strategic cooperation agreement with applicants who have passed the review of the materials.

3.Corporation Method

The Hologram Academy of Sciences releases research topics (1 month as a cycle), and researchers need to collect data and conduct research on related topics, and then, submit related research reports or academic papers to the Academy of Sciences.

4. Evaluation & Reward

The evaluation committee of the R&D Center (composed of experts and doctoral supervisors) grades research reports or academic papers. According to the quality of research reports or academic papers, applicants will be rated as three levels, and the list of ratings will be released publicly. Meanwhile, the reward settings are as follows.

Level 1: Awarded the title of "Chief Scientist of WIMI" and provided corresponding research funding.

Level 2: Awarded the title of "Joint Scientist of WIMI" and provided corresponding research funding.

Level 3: Awarded the title of "Scholar of WIMI" and provided corresponding research funding.

5. Evaluation dimensions

The dimension of industry-university-research integration: Facing actual industry scenarios, not simply taking scientific value as the research goal. Considering the driving role of technology and actual industry, the practical value of papers or research reports is high.

The dimension of scientific and technological innovation: Innovative achievements have been made in the research of related topics and play an important role in the future of science and technology in the research field.

The humanistic dimension: Encourage rigorous and innovative scientific spirit.

Researchers or doctoral students who are interested in the above information, please send a resume to the company mailbox

Including but not limited to personal birth information, personal learning and work experience, clear personal photos, personal scientific dreams, and hobbies.

Successful applicants need to send short research reports to: