Funding Plan

The funding program of WiMi Hologram R&D Center of Sciences is a bridge for collaborative innovation between WIMI Hologram Cloud and scholars from top universities or research institutions in the world. It aims to promote cutting-edge research for actual industry scenarios and the future world, such as computer science, holographic computing, and quantum computing and other related fields. We will provide research funds, real business experimental scenarios in the Internet industry, and other necessary support. We sincerely invite you and WIMI Hologram engineers to discover, define, and solve problems together.

WiMi Hologram R&D Center of Sciences plans to expand scientific research on the future world in the following areas:

1. Holographic Computing Science: biological holographic computing, quantum holographic computing, photon holographic computing, neutrino holographic computing,and maglev holographic computing,brain machine holographic computing

2. Holographic Communication Science: quantum holographic communication, Plasma Holographic Communication, photon holographic communication, maglev holographic communication, brain machine holographic communication.

3. Micro-integration Science: neutrino micro-integration, biological micro-integration, photon micro-integration, quantum micro-integration, maglev micro-integration,brain machine micro-integratio.

4. Holographic cloud science: quantum holographic cloud, photon holographic cloud, brain machine holographic cloud.