School of information

Established in August 2020, the WIMI Holographic Academy of Sciences is dedicated to holographic AI vision and to explore the unknown in science and technology. Moreover, it is devoted to carry out basic science and innovative technology research with human vision as the driving force.

WIMI Hologram has made outstanding achievements in holographic applications in recent years. Meanwhile, it is promoting the wide applications of holographic technology in more industries and expanding its leading position in the industry. The company will also continue to expand its reserves of high-quality holographic computer vision; in addition, it will pay particular attention to the development and acquisition of computer vision in the fields of communication and micro-integrated chips in the near and short term. Holographic technology is the common goal of human science and technology development, and holographic technology is the development vision of the IT industry.WIMI Holographic Academy of Sciences plans to expand scientific research on the future world in the following areas:

1. Holographic Computing Science: biological holographic computing, quantum holographic computing, photon holographic computing, neutrino holographic computing,and maglev holographic computing

2. Holographic Communication Science: quantum holographic communication, dark matter holographic communication, vacuum holographic communication, photon holographic communication, quark holographic communication, maglev holographic communication,Brain machine holographic communication.

3. Micro-integration Science: neutrino micro-integration, biological micro-integration, photon micro-integration, quantum micro-integration, maglev micro-integration, decay micro-integration, fusion micro-integration, and fission micro-integration.

4. Holographic cloud science: quantum holographic cloud, photon holographic cloud, atmospheric holographic cloud, space holographic cloud

WIMI Hologram believes that the future world is cloud, the future world is virtual, and the future world can be realized with dreams. All beautiful things can be truly preserved through holographic technology, and all these will become eternal reality. WIMI is born for this dream, strive for this dream, and create the glory of human civilization for this dream. Holography is the common dream of mankind, and everything is on the way.