Holographic Academy Subject classification


Including biological holographic computing, quantum holographic computing, photon holographic computing, neutrino holographic computing, and maglev holographic computing.

Research Field

Biological holography:

The information of human beings, public creatures and objects is a kind of holographic information. Each information element contains all the signals and genetic codes of the organism, as well as all the energies, abilities, functions and functions of the organism. Under certain conditions, the invisible information element can do all the things that the organism can do. Usually it exists in various forms such as biological wave, bioelectricity, biomagnetism, biolight, bioenergy and biological sound.

Quantum holographic computing:

The essence of quantum entanglement is the quantum structure. Quantum factors not only reflect the complementary relationship, but also reflect the causal, logical or computational relationship. According to the space structure calculation theory of holographic system theory, the operation relation of 16 valued states is firstly determined. There is no specific expression of the value state in quantum computation, and the operation result cannot be reflected in one step, which can be realized based on the space structure calculation principle of holographic system theory.

Photon holography:

Photons have velocity, energy, momentum, mass, and condensation. A photon cannot stand still. Photons can change into other things (such as pairs of positive and negative electrons), but energy and momentum are conserved. Holograms can extract 3D information by measuring how far light travels from different parts of an object. But its dynamic mass does exist. First of all, since the energy of the photon with frequency v is E= Hv (where H is Planck's constant), it can be obtained from the mass energy formula that its mass is: M =E/c2= Hv /c2, where c2 represents the square of the speed of light. This method was first proposed by Einstein.

Neutrino holography:

Neutrinos are tiny, uncharged particles that travel freely through the Earth, have a spin of half, are very light in mass (some are less than a millionth of an electron), travel at close to the speed of light and interact very weakly with other matter. Further research on neutrino holographic computing will deconstruct lightweight and high-speed computing. The fundamental particles that make up the physical world are three of the 12 types of neutrinos (electron neutrinos, muon neutrinos and Tau neutrinos), and each has its own anti-matter counterpart.

Magnetic levitation holographic calculation:

Magnetic levitation holographic computing technology and holographic technology design using MCU control, by remote control, personnel positioning system, magnetic levitation platform, holographic computing. Magnetic force is one of the four basic forces. It is very critical to study the future development and application of maglev holography. How to operate magnetic force effectively and controllable requires the further development of maglev holography.