Holographic Academy Subject classification


Including quantum holographic cloud, photon holographic cloud, atmospheric holographic cloud, and space holographic cloud.

Research Field

Quantum holographic cloud:

The motion of objects in the universe involves the interaction between explicit order and implicit order. In the observable world of explicit order, the motion of matter particles is constantly guided by implicit order. This channeling takes place through a "pilot wave" called quantum potential, which fills space and time like a gravitational constant, or even transcends it, acting on both the past and the future. In quantum entanglement, it is possible to generate a projection. The universe is the projection generated by higher life when quantum entanglement experiments are carried out. By using the coherence between different energy states of quantum ladder to generalize the holographic method, the electron wave function is split when interacting with light, and the electron carries information about the amplitude and phase of light field, then the quantum holographic method is realized.

Photon holographic cloud:

Holographic photons consist of a reproducing light source and a hologram recording medium. The information is obtained through the data acquisition system, and the structure algorithm is used to form the THREE-DIMENSIONAL data. Three - dimensional holograms are calculated based on reverse diffraction CGH and diffraction element lookup table algorithm. The hologram is written into the recording medium to form the photon map. The three-dimensional photon can display the spatial three-dimensional characteristics of the terrain, achieving the three-dimensional display effect of full perspective, multi-angle and high precision.

Atmospheric holographic clouds:

Air imaging USES particles in the air to present light and shadow images. The image is projected onto a large area of water vapor, and because the water molecules that make up the vapor vibrate unevenly, a hologram with a strong stereoscopic effect can be formed.

Space holographic clouds:

The universe is a unified whole of holographic associations between its parts. In the universe as a whole, there are holographic correspondences between subsystems and systems and between systems and the universe. All things have the four-dimensional holography of space and time. There are corresponding holograms between the part and the whole of the same individual, between things at the same level, between things in different levels and systems, between the beginning and the result of things, between the big process and small process of the development of things, and between time and space. The universe is holographic in time. And the time cycle contains the structure of space, so the universe is holographic.