ER experience in human-computer interconnection laboratory - Dr. Zhenming Zhai


In Sun Yat-sen University, there is a laboratory called Human-Computer Interconnection Laboratory. The lab is experiential. What is it like when you experience it? It's a car, golf cart, physical. After going up to see is still the scene, and did not wear before the same, wearing a helmet to see the real world is not a virtual world. Two people get in the car, one drives, drives for a while, and this scene is a hallway outside the lab, it's real.

Let's say I get in the car, and the car I'm in comes out, where is this? An unfamiliar scene, a foreign street scene, which is obviously false. But when it changed from true to false, no one knows! I was greeted by a man on a bicycle coming up the road. It's a familiar voice. It's a friend of mine from the lab. Where is he? Is this the bike he is riding? It was him, and after a few conversations, we waved goodbye and continued our journey. Through the tunnel, came to Chang 'an Avenue, came to Beijing. It can't be true. It was a transition from a real scene to a virtual one, but when did it happen?

Full of doubt, the sky flew a spaceship, took my car to the spaceship, the driver let me get off, at this time I stretched out a leg carefully test, to determine the landing, carefully walked down the car, slowly walking around. At this time, I saw myself in a mirror, while surprised, accidentally touched opened a series of organs, the top cabin of the spaceship opened, instantly placed in the brilliant stars. We were thrown back to the "reality" : this is the south gate of Sun Yat-sen University!

The car from the door into the road on both sides of the trees swaying with the wind, accompanied by bursts of bird calls, this is back ah. Isn't this the first floor of Xichang Hall, where the laboratory is located? This is the security guard we saw on the first floor before our visit. He is chatting with someone right now. It's all happening in real time. Why did I come to the first floor when I was in the lab on the sixth floor? By this time, my doubts were deepening... The door to the experience space opened, and my fellow travelers waved to me outside, welcoming me back. When I took off my helmet and was about to share my amazing experience with them, they knew every episode like gods... . The process from false to true, when it changed, is also unknown. I don't know, not because you're stupid, but because the scene itself has no signs for you to judge

As a designer, I sit on my own, I don't know. I designed the technology, and the content was done by the construction company. As long as you don't know the content, you don't know when the transition will happen. So, the process is done, seamless. In this way, the transition from reality to reality is seamless when coming in, and the transition from reality to reality when coming out is also seamless, which is called the seamless crossing experience between reality and reality.

Zhang Xiaolong, the current head of Tencent WeChat, had a meeting and said a few words after the meeting. He said he hoped that in five years' time, meetings would no longer be necessary. You wear glasses, you don't need to worry about the traffic. As soon as I put on my glasses, it was exactly the same as when I came to the scene. He said he would do well in five years, which I think is a bit too optimistic. The network is not great, but with 5G, it's still a little difficult to put it all together. One might wonder, though, that it is hard to pass for real. Some people think that the resolution is so low, how can it be real? So much graininess, how can you not see that it's fake? But I have a way of dealing with it, which is to cut the shoe to the shoe: make reality look a little made up, but not so much that it feels fake. You're still you, but grainy? Can you say it's fake? So you don't need a lot of technology! You don't need a very high resolution! Let's say it's a little bit delayed here, and the rest of our virtual content is a little bit delayed. So when you connect the two sides, you don't see the connection. This is backwards thinking. We got it done. You go in and you come out the same way, and it's seamless.

So, at least in audio-visual terms, the distinction between the real world and the virtual world can be erased. Now is not the future, our future technology has not been used, with today's shallow technology, we can do a seamless connection. A liberal arts professor of mine could have done this, so what does that mean? This means that the time is coming. After the circle of friends is not an avatar, an ID, friends circle of friends can sit together.

How can this be done? It has motion capture. What is motion capture? The simplest thing is to take a phone and plug it in, because the phone has a gyroscope, and it has a motion-capture function. When you do this, it knows that you do this and it starts again, and it seems to you that it happens simultaneously, so that you can keep the world stationary while you turn your head. The scenes in VR are unique scenes that have never happened before and will never happen again. One more thing we did in the lab, we made a new VR + Telecontrol setup.

Now for the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is the state and location of things, mainly artifacts, connected on the Internet so that we know all about them. Once you know that, you have to manipulate this thing. So do you want to run to the front of the operation ah? Don't need. You can do it anywhere, right? If the Internet of Things is to operate, it doesn't require a mouse or keyboard to click. For example, driving a train, we operate a train and maybe click on it right now. But we had virtual reality, and we just sat up and started it.

Will the car really be driven away? This is associated with an imported 3D science fiction movie, Avatar. The movie has a body double, and the actual work on a planet called Pandora is done by that body. It's a stand-in with VR. You don't have to leave the house to do your work. We've renamed the whole system now, we call it ER, Extended Reality of Experience Plus Control.

Therefore, we should face this problem and inject fresh humanistic rationality in advance. Don't let careerists control each of us. Stop that control. Maybe someone in order to control our feelings, to control the Internet of Things, directly control our nerves, and then we're done, and that's a dangerous thing to do.

Imagine, how about this disruption? In ER, people are everywhere, without borders. Where is the boundary between man and body and tools? Where am I? The concept, the question is unanswered. Where am I? Don't know! First scene, second scene, how to distinguish ah? In the Avatar movies, is the avatar the real body, or did my parents give me the real body? Can you answer that? A straight answer is out of the question. The virtual world is his, but he is not in a country, because there are no borders.

In my estimation, most of these are real problems in the movie Avatar, which we will have to face in reality sooner or later. They say it takes a killer application for this new technology to spread quickly. But VR is an exception. It replaces all screens. Telecontrol operation has been used now, and the application is very good! Hospitals across the country have bought dozens of surgical devices, called da Vinci systems. A doctor wears a sensor on his hand, but it feels like he's holding a scalpel. Looking at yourself, looking at the virtual organs, holding a scalpel on the virtual organs of surgery, there is a distant with you do exactly the same action of the robotic hand, two robotic hands inserted into the imaging together, inserted into the real organ in front of the family, the operation.

Now, the hospital of Sun Yat-sen University just had a set of da Vinci, operation so complex can be done, other things can not do?

This is the power of ER, and this is the power of the prototype ER system that you can experience at the Human-Computer Interconnection Lab at Sun Yat-sen University.