Application of Virtual Reality technology in Online Games - Dr. Lu Jianxun


Abstract: This paper mainly aims at the basic overview of virtual reality technology and its application trend and influence in online games, and launches a series of discussions. At the same time, it makes a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the key technologies of the new technology in online games.

Key words: Virtual reality; Online games; Information dissemination; The key technology

The Abstract: This paper mainly focuses on the basic overview of virtual reality technology and its application trend influence in  online games Making a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the key technology of this new technology in online games.

Key Words: Virtual reality; Network Game;  Information Dissemination;  Key Technology

1 the introduction

Virtual reality technology refers to the use of computer hardware and software resources integration technology, to provide a real-time and three-dimensional Virtual Environment, users can enter the Virtual Environment, watch and manipulate the Virtual world generated by the computer, hear realistic sounds, interact in the Virtual Environment, have real feelings. Can talk and smell. It involves computer, sensing and measurement technology, simulation technology and microelectronics technology and other related technologies. Virtual reality integrates the latest development of display technology, computer graphics technology, computer simulation technology, artificial intelligence, sensing technology, network parallel processing and other technologies. Virtual reality has three I characteristics, namely, interaction, Immersion and imagination. Immersion refers to the real degree to which the user exists in the virtual environment as the protagonist. Interactivity refers to the real degree of users' feedback on virtual reality equipment and environment. Conceptualization means that virtual reality is not only an interface between users and terminals, but a process in which users are immersed in multi-dimensional information space and give play to their subjective initiative to form new concepts [1].

According to the Statistical Report on China's Internet Development, China has achieved rapid development in supercomputing, big data, artificial intelligence, 5G, virtual reality and other fields. Especially, the arrival of 5G era has brought comprehensive innovation to the development of information communication. If 2019 is regarded as the embryonic stage of 5G network, 2020 will be the explosive stage of 5G network. The coming of THE 5G era has changed the depth, quality and speed of information transmission, and also effectively promoted the integration of online game technology, virtual reality technology and information transmission technology, showing the characteristics of The Times of information transmission better. Applied in the information dissemination network game technology and virtual reality technology, can enhance the influence of the information transmission and quality, but also for players to have more pleasant virtual scene, but also to the development of virtual reality games put forward higher requirements, virtual reality games only strengthen the production and processing speed, can only agree with the requirement of information transmission. This paper discusses the application of virtual reality online games in information dissemination in 5G era.

2 Development Trend

2.1 The whole space-time propagation is strengthened

Before the 5G era, China's information transmission has basically formed the rudiment of being everywhere and ubiquitous. The timeliness of information transmission has been constantly enhanced, and information can break through the limitations of time and space to the greatest extent within the scope of human activities. Since the 5 g era, the network speed, network transmission technology unceasingly strengthens, spread the whole time and space will be further strengthened, and formed the development trend of information dissemination to the sex, fully mobilize information dissemination of elements such as manpower, material resources and information resources, achieve the whole space within the scope of the information resources sharing.

2.2 Full reality information dissemination gradually takes shape

There is no large separation line between real environment and human in traditional information transmission. Information transmission is basically carried out in the "touchable", "palpable" and "controllable" real environment, and the mimicry environment can also be maintained through traditional information transmission channels. The rapid development of Internet technology has broken this temporary balance, and the real environment and people are increasingly in "indirect" contact, which also leads to more problems of information transmission, the most obvious of which is the flood of false information. The advent of THE 5G era has brought MR technology, AR technology, virtual reality technology, etc., to achieve a virtual restoration of reality between the real environment and people, and then realize the holographic information transmission.

2.3 Information transmission tends to be fully connected

After the arrival of 5G era, digital technology will continue to develop, effectively connect the original big data and other technologies, further strengthen the interconnection of everything, and further strengthen all elements in the process of information transmission. From the perspective of the participants in the process of information dissemination, the scope involved will be more and more extensive. In addition to the conventional information dissemination subjects, each enterprise subject in the marketization will also become an important participant in the information dissemination. Information dissemination among various subjects is mainly carried out through data content, which accelerates the efficiency of information dissemination and provides effective technical and channel support for information interconnection and exchange. At the same time, this all-staff information transmission mechanism will also involve in each process and content of information transmission. Combining with corresponding technologies, the innovation of information transmission content will achieve its own profit in the process of information transmission and exchange.

3. The influence of virtual reality technology in the spread of online games

Field of virtual reality technology reference to the network game, the technology can not only will the real scene of many real life with virtual world both organic transformation, also can through the form of a more natural, combined with the proper adjustment of processing operations, more quickly capture the original complex abstract concepts or specific content of the scene and easier to understand and agree with a thing, Thus promoting the spread of online games [2].

With the rapid development of current information technology and computer technology, virtual reality technology (VR technology) has emerged as The Times require. Virtual reality technology has broken the limitations of online games and expanded the extension space of online games to a large extent to meet the needs of the majority of players at multiple levels and from multiple perspectives. Virtual reality technology to the simulation technology, electronic information technology, computer technology, image processing technology together, through the computer to simulate the 3 d virtual space, then such as artificial intelligence, sensor, multimedia as a carrier for the users to simulate a series of sensory stimulation (auditory stimuli or tactile stimuli or visual stimulation, etc.), let a person have immersive environment. The simulation of virtual reality technology is super, and it really realizes human-computer interaction. People only need to operate at will to get the most real feedback information in real time. It is precisely because virtual reality technology has many advantages such as interactivity, multisensory, existence and so on that it is loved by people, and its application is more and more widely. Covering the field of education, military, oil exploration, Marine, archaeological, museum, online games and so on. When virtual reality and online games are applied to information dissemination, they have a great impact on the following three aspects.

3.1 Improve the breadth of information dissemination

The application of virtual reality online games in the process of information dissemination will certainly expand the depth of information mining and the scope of information dissemination to a large extent, and will also complete the content that is difficult to be realized by the original information dissemination channels. For example, virtual reality technology can provide players with a virtual environment similar to the real environment, which can greatly enhance the reality of the virtual environment. The emergence of virtual reality online games can make players get better game experience, and each game action can get a more real sense of feedback and immersion. For example, "Rez Infinite" and "Arizona Sunshine" are both outstanding online virtual reality games. When players start playing these online games, they will fully immerse themselves in the highly realistic virtual environment in a very short period of time without any discomfort. In the process of the game, players can fully integrate themselves into the body of the game character by touching, listening, watching and other ways. For example, they can experience the feeling of free fall in the virtual game world. Moreover, players can also analyze data and information from multi-level and multi-angle based on their own practical experience. Although the player knows in his heart of hearts that these virtual reality environments are not real, they are only simulated by computer data, but his subconscious still temporarily recognizes that they are real, which is why these games have a very strong sense of reality.

Virtual reality, meanwhile, online games can also be combined with big data technologies, through large data processing technology, mathematical modeling method to compare data, analysis data, measurement data, based on demand and to evaluate the game or virtual reality to predict the future development trend of the network game, as a result, It will certainly enhance the breadth of information dissemination to a large extent.

3.2 Improve the accuracy of information transmission

Together when the online games and virtual reality technology, is better around the transmission of the information source to carry out processing and production, through the organic fusion such as vision, touch, hearing to ensure the authenticity of information transmission is strong, can also deal with traditional information spread widely exists in the emotional problems, ethical issues, and rumors, inaccurate, etc., Ensure information integrity and dynamics.

In the process of traditional information dissemination, information producers can artificially process information content based on individual needs, which makes it difficult to display all information content during information dissemination, seriously jeopardizing the right to know of the public, and may even affect the ecological environment of information dissemination. When virtual reality technology is combined with online games, virtual reality restoration and model construction are used as the carrier to allow players to see all the complete information content and improve the accuracy of information transmission. + games tennis teaching with virtual reality technology, virtual reality (VR) technology in the perceptual knowledge can let the players through the virtual scene tennis skills, coupled with the subsequent can also be based on VR images to repeatedly to watch sports such as tennis combat video, action demonstration, the player's skill operation proficiency and master speed has improved significantly. At the same time, the player with the simulator of balancing in VR tennis game available to experience the strength and good service point of view, especially to every change of the receiving Angle of repeated observation, but also realize the slow-motion replay, etc., so that you can for personal error correction and optimization, these are undoubtedly improve the accuracy of information transmission.

3.3 Enhance the influence of information dissemination

With the rapid development of virtual reality technology, the trend of the masses' demand for information has also undergone some changes, from the initial demand for picture information and text information, gradually developed to video information, and then changed to three-dimensional information [3]. 5 g the advent of the era, let it all into reality, for example, the Xinhua News Agency to the National People's Congress, the Chinese people's political consultative conference meeting with the method of VR live, virtual reality technology is used to content, multi-level and all-round, multi-angle to present the two public need to wear appropriate equipment, can be analog to the venue to attend the meeting scene feeling, This greatly enhances the influence of information dissemination. The combination of virtual reality technology and online games is also the same, which can provide better experience in many aspects such as information visualization and information breadth. Based on the effectiveness of information transmission, the vast masses of people themselves are interested in new things and are more willing to contact virtual reality technology online games, so the influence of information transmission will be enhanced to a large extent.

The information content based on virtual reality technology and online game technology has more advantages in the breadth of information, visualization and other aspects, and has the intuitiveness after audio-visual geometry. The public can also fully mobilize their thinking and strengthen the effectiveness of information dissemination in the process of reading and playing games.

The key technology of virtual reality application in online games

4.1 Somatosensory interaction technology

Controllers, remote controls, keyboards, mice, etc. for input and manipulation of game characters or other aspects of the application have their own insurmountable disadvantages:

1) It is difficult to learn, creating a barrier between users and the game and application;

2) The control command may be different from the actual game action or other applied action. For example, the game control command of the game character swinging the racket may not correspond to the actual action of swinging the racket.

As a new operation mode for virtual reality interaction, somatosensory interaction can completely get rid of traditional mouse and keyboard and complex motion capture equipment. Users can manipulate avatars or other aspects of applications by using their own body or objects around them (non-remote control, controller, keyboard, mouse, etc.) [4]. For virtual reality application, it greatly reduces the threshold of use, expands the scope of virtual reality application, increases the reality of virtual reality performance, and brings a new revolution.

There are a variety of methods to capture human movements, such as the common use of one or more cameras to capture the user's posture or movement to animate the avatar or task on the screen, the user's posture or movement can be interpreted as control commands that can be used to influence the computer environment. The computer system is equipped with the corresponding software to carry out in-depth image processing and skeleton tracking for the images captured by the camera. Up to 15 capture nodes can be used to identify the location information of human body nodes to track human movements and capture these movements into the computer for interaction [5]. Sometimes in order to enhance the detection effect, you can also wear auxiliary devices with special colors (such as gloves, hats, eyes, clothes, shoes and outer paint, etc.). It can also detect the user's handheld device, install all kinds of sensors and wireless transmitters in the handheld device, receive signals from the handheld device through the receiving device, to identify the movement of the human body, and convert it into the control command required by the game software, and then control the virtual world in the game.

4.2 Stereo display technology and 3d virtual sound generation technology

Visual effect is the most important function of electronic game machine, so display technology, especially stereo display technology is an important support technology of electronic game machine. In order to enhance the immersion of games, currently virtual reality game consoles usually use desktop stereoscopic Display, head-mounted Display (HMD) Display. The display screen of desktop stereoscopic display displays the generated left and right eye views alternately at a certain frequency. Users need to wear stereoscopic glasses so that the left and right eyes can only see the corresponding views on the screen, and finally form stereoscopic imaging in the human vision system. Helmet display is another stereoscopic display device commonly used in virtual reality system. It is usually installed on the head and fixed by mechanical method. There is no relative movement between the head and helmet, and the image is displayed on the screen of helmet display. It usually consists of two monitors feeding images to two eyes that are slightly different, similar to binocular parallax. Since a head-position tracking device is usually installed on the helmet, the position of the user's head can be detected and then transmitted to a computer that can display it in real time based on the user's head movement and change the three-dimensional field of view of the user's field of vision. The application of head-mounted display enhances the immersion of video game and enriches the expressive force of video game.

Sound output is as important to video games as graphics, and unlike familiar stereoscopic sound, three-dimensional virtual sound allows the user to feel that the sound is coming from anywhere in a sphere around the ears of the listener, which could be above, in front of or behind the head. The application of 3d virtual sound enables users to accurately judge the exact position of sound source in the game, which conforms to the auditory way of people in the real environment and enhances the sense of reality of the game.

4.3 Haptic feedback technology

Tactile feedback refers to the process in which the computer responds to the input of the operator and acts on the operator through the force tactile feedback device in the process of human-computer interaction [6]. In virtual reality, contact is divided into two types based on the information provided to the user: force feedback and haptic feedback. Force feedback device is to use technical means to transform the movement of virtual objects into mechanical movement of surrounding physical devices, so that users can experience the real sense of force and direction. As for tactile feedback, it can only provide simple temperature sensation, but not texture and material sensation.

5 conclusion

As an emerging industry, the electronic game industry has surpassed the traditional entertainment methods such as film and TV, and become the mainstream entertainment mode in contemporary society. To a great extent, it affects people's work and life and plays an obvious driving role in the national economy. The emergence of virtual reality online games in the 5G era will further promote the innovative development of information transmission, and also provide a good platform for the integration of virtual reality technology, online game technology and information transmission, which to a large extent enhances the ability to match the needs of the masses with information transmission [7]. The integration between virtual reality online games and information dissemination will certainly make information dissemination "vibrant", allowing players to get a more real sense of feedback and immersion in the game process. Of course, it is also necessary to constantly optimize and improve virtual reality online games based on the development trend of information communication, so as to lay a more solid technical support for information communication in the 5G era.


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