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Research on Training Simulation System of Aviation Field Service Equipment based on Virtual Reality - Dr. Peng Huajun


Abstract: The use of virtual reality technology for simulation training is an important military training means at home and abroad. Analysis of the role of virtual reality technology in aviation equipment training simulation, combined with the virtual reality technology and other technical methods, puts forward constructing aviation field service safeguard equipment maintenance training simulation system of train of thought, method and key technology, and analyzes the training system, points out some problems that should be paid attention to guarantee the use effect, provide a reference for similar professional training system construction.

Keywords: Virtual reality technology; Field equipment; Training simulation system

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Virtual reality technology is a concentration of sensing technology, network communication technology, computer technology and human-computer interaction technology for the integration of a comprehensive integrated technology, USES the computer to draw 3 d objects and scene modeling, through the model editor, program writing and voice image acquisition and build a realistic virtual environment, and use of sensing devices to interact with virtual environment, immersing, interaction Sex, conception and other multiple characteristics. Simulation training using virtual reality technology has the advantages of convenient implementation, efficient training and so on, which is an important military training means developed by competition at home and abroad. Some developed countries in Europe and America have made full use of virtual reality technology in military training, and in some aspects directly replace the actual training, which has become a new way to organize and implement military training.

The US army began to explore the application of virtual reality technology in the field of military training in the 1990s, and developed military virtual simulation training products, which were applied and verified in military operations such as the "Louisiana 94" combat exercise and the simulated "actual combat" training before the Iraq War in 1994. In the development and application of military virtual simulation training, France, Germany, Italy, Canada and other countries followed, and also developed a variety of military virtual simulation systems. Canada applied virtual reality technology to engineer demining training. It not only guarantees the safety of training. And increased the effectiveness of training by 60 percent. France independently developed Virtools, a virtual simulation software with strong versatility and complete functions, which can be run on an ordinary PC, and has been widely applied in many fields of military training.

At present, the domestic military training and training activities, especially the basic support work such as field service support, involve the maintenance and support of various equipment. In the study and maintenance of support equipment and facilities, the traditional ways such as theoretical study and training, practical training and determined operation are still adopted. The theoretical learning content is boring and not intuitive enough. At the same time, due to the influence of tasks and time constraints, personnel participation is low and the training effect is not ideal. The actual training is also difficult to implement due to the constraints of resources and funds.

In this paper, the application of virtual reality technology to build a more realistic equipment training scenarios and complex battlefield environment, in 3 d virtual scene to realize the interactive training, training personnel to obtain good learning experience, and be able to at a relatively low cost effect than good training effect, in order to improve the battle effectiveness have important role in promoting.

1. Construction planning of aviation field support equipment training simulation system

Virtual training simulation of equipment is the deduction of actual training process in virtual environment, which reflects the interoperation behavior and state among equipment, operators and training environment, and is the simulation of human in the circuit of computer simulation environment. As the subject, people control and drive the operation and response of equipment components in the virtual environment. As the object, equipment and virtual environment have certain constraints on human behavior.

According to the different virtual objects and training objectives, virtual training is mainly realized by three parts, including carrier manipulation, process control and game decision type. According to the number of personnel involved in the training, it can be divided into two types: single soldier training of equipment operation and cooperative training of equipment operation. Equipment operation training mainly relies on the operation process provided by the simulation system to guide the trainees, such as parachute packaging training, aviation battery charging and discharging maintenance training, ground special vehicle driving training, etc. Cooperative training of equipment operation provides multiple operators to participate in a virtual scene at the same time, which mainly reflects the collaborative interaction process of people in the loop, such as command and guidance, field service support process training of the whole process of flight day, etc.

The aviation field support equipment training simulation system is mainly composed of training theory and teaching subject design, training content management, training data integration and storage, training simulation program and operation support platform. Its overall technical framework is shown in Figure 1.


FIG. 1 Overall technical framework of aviation field support equipment training system

As can be seen from Figure 1, the equipment training simulation system is a training platform with human-computer interaction training function built by combining equipment characteristics and operation characteristics.

2. Construction and design of aviation field support equipment training simulation system

2.1 System logical structure model

Using the layered design idea and module design method of software, the system is divided into five levels, and its logical structure model is shown in Figure 2.


FIG. 2 Logical structure of aviation field support equipment training system

The first is the user layer, which mainly includes personnel engaged in aviation yard equipment support, such as lifesaving equipment maintenance personnel, command and guidance, field staff, special vehicle drivers, etc.

The second is the session layer, which mainly refers to the operation interface provided by the system for the trainees, and the trainees interact with each other through the network system during the training.

The third layer is the application layer, which is the basic function required by the system during the training and assessment of the support command personnel, and also a typical application of virtual reality technology in the training of on-site support personnel. It is mainly realized by using various service interfaces provided by the data layer. It mainly includes the core content of aviation yard support equipment training, such as flight commander guidance training, rescue kit packaging maintenance training, special vehicle driving operation and maintenance training, field maintenance support training and other modules, as well as training assessment and evaluation.

The fourth is the data layer, including the aviation yard support equipment database, such as yard support equipment, support personnel, support vehicles, etc. Model base, such as virtual airport, field maintenance equipment and other three-dimensional model composition, as well as the data generated in the training process. It is the direct object of training for the trainees, and can provide complete and complete data resources for the application layer.

The fifth is the display layer, which mainly simulates the real-time feedback of the airport and related field service support equipment after receiving instructions through the virtual scene information display, providing the trainees with an intuitive visual environment.

2.2 Function Positioning

(1) Demonstrate the learning function. The system provides the theoretical knowledge related to the operation training content, multimedia files such as slide, animation, sound, video, etc., for the participants to learn. Through the scene roaming, the students can be familiar with the structure and composition of the field service equipment, the operation and maintenance methods, and demonstrate the operation process of the training items and content.

(2) Operation training function. Through the establishment of dynamic realistic virtual scenes and interactive and various training approaches, the system trains the operation process of the field service equipment to be mastered through the single-person operation training.

(3) Assessment function. The system can assess the trainees' mastery of the training content, evaluate whether the operation procedures are correct and the operation proficiency, and give corresponding scores and feedback and suggestions on the follow-up training direction [4].

(4) Information management function. The system can record and store the relevant information in the training process, and can manage the information of the participants and the information stored in the system database, multimedia files and so on.

2.3 Design Ideas

Each module of aviation field service equipment training simulation system is independent and inseparable from each other. Each module has its own functions, supports each other in terms of information needs, and shares in terms of resource utilization. Therefore, it is necessary to fully understand the relationship between each module in the system design so as to realize the integrity of the system design [2]. The training simulation frame structure of each sub-module is similar, and the typical structure represented by the maintenance of rescue harness and the maintenance of special vehicle driving is shown in Figure 3.


FIG. 3 Typical simulation training framework of sub-modules

In the aspect of resource sharing, the tool library is established as the interactive basis of equipment maintenance and simple troubleshooting training. In the troubleshooting training, due to the large contents and complex operation, an open fault diagnosis database should be established to facilitate the system management personnel to add fault models. At the same time, the training parameters in the maintenance process simulation and troubleshooting will also be used as the basis for statistical analysis, and the evaluation results of the training will be provided.

3 Function Realization

The function realization of aviation field support equipment training simulation system mainly involves process design, database development, visual simulation function realization, virtual reality function realization and so on.

3.1 Process Design

The process design is the basis for the operation of each sub-module of the whole aviation field support equipment training simulation system. All training is carried out in strict accordance with procedures. A process consists of three basic elements: sequence, method, and resource. Sequence is the implementation path of each element of training. Method refers to the means, means and measures adopted by training to achieve the goal [5]. Resources include field equipment, support personnel, support information, etc.

3.2 Database development

The database in the aviation yard equipment training simulation system is mainly used to store the airport, yard equipment (equipment) information, support personnel information and a large amount of operation training data generated in the process of system operation. Therefore, strengthening the development and development of database is the basic guarantee to ensure the operation of the system and the application of virtual reality technology.

3.3 Realization of visual simulation function

Visual simulation technology is the visual environment simulated by 3D graphics in order to make the visual simulation more real, we must meet two requirements: one is the realistic visual effect, the other is real-time 3D rendering. The more sophisticated and complex the model, the better the display effect, but the more time it takes to produce the image, resulting in the worse real-time 3D rendering. The current research focus is how to achieve the balance between authenticity and real-time performance under the condition of rapidly completing the scene modeling.

3.4 Realization of virtual reality function

Virtual reality system is a kind of advanced human-computer interaction system generated by computer, which perfectly integrates people, objects and virtual environment, and can realize direct communication and transmission of information between each other. The realization of human-computer interaction mainly relies on virtual reality technology. By using computers to simulate the real environment, users can interact and experience in this environment.

The aviation field service support equipment training simulation system based on virtual reality technology mainly adopts the above technologies to build virtual airports and aviation equipment, carry out real-time simulation, maintenance and operation training, and finally evaluate the effectiveness of the training situation. Among them, the process design for building the whole system running program, database technology is used to store all kinds of training data, evaluation index system, real-time information, etc., the visual simulation technology for training personnel to provide a realistic environment and scenario, the virtual reality technology provides the human-computer interaction interface, thus building became a complete aviation field service safeguard equipment training simulation system.

4 conclusion

By using virtual reality technology and other technologies, combined with the content and characteristics of aviation field support work, this paper puts forward the ideas, methods and key technologies of building aviation field support equipment operation and maintenance training simulation system. The application of virtual reality technology to build a simulation training platform is conducive to improving the effect of the operation and maintenance training of aviation field support equipment and the combat capability of troops. At the same time, the evaluation platform can be used to supplement and improve the quantitative assessment mechanism and personnel ability assessment mechanism, which has important practical significance for personnel training and the realization of intelligent reform of the assessment mechanism.

However, in order to give full play to the effectiveness of virtual reality technology, to really improve the quality and benefit of training, and to enhance the operational skills of support personnel, the relationship between virtual reality technology and actual training must be fully recognized. Virtual reality technology is the representation of the scene, the training is the icing on the cake, but the existing technical maturity and want to set the scene design, relative to the reality of dynamic changes in the security situation, can't do the whole simulation, still need to be combined with the actual situation, on the one hand, doing for upgrading and maintenance of the database, 2 it is to cooperate to carry out the corresponding practical training, to maximize the system efficiency of charge Points to improve the training effect.