The significance of virtual technology in teaching - Dr Liu Weixing


Virtual technology can realize the three-dimensional interaction of multimedia, which looks virtual but is more realistic multimedia teaching environment applied to the classroom, giving students the real experience of being on the scene. The application of virtual technology can stimulate students' interest in learning, guide students to exert their imagination and improve their innovative thinking.

The concept of virtual teaching

Virtual teaching is a new teaching mode that ADAPTS traditional teaching to the development of new technology and cultivates modern talents. It is also a teaching mode for human beings to enter virtual space for education and activities. Broadly speaking, including virtual classroom, virtual laboratory and virtual teachers, in which virtual seminars and other activities. In a narrow sense, virtual teaching refers to the use of science and technology to build a virtual learning environment, in which the knowledge points to be mastered will be objectively reproduced, so as to master more knowledge in the virtual environment. In this environment, students can acquire more self-feelings and self-values through virtual feeling, virtual vision and other information displayed by VR technology. To some extent, it conforms to the requirements of the new curriculum reform on the teaching mode of teachers, pays more attention to students' subjective feelings, and cultivates students' autonomous learning ability and self-thinking ability. Virtual teaching can combine technology with teaching, broaden the vision of teachers and students, and extend the teaching space to a great extent, and at the same time, achieve a large number of expansion in teaching resources. In a specific sense, virtual teaching breaks through the constraints of traditional teaching in time and space, and uses simulated scenes to make up for the inconformity of teachers in the creation of situations. Virtual teaching can not only bring related services and technical support to the classroom, but also promote the further development of teaching mode.

The significance of VR in teaching

Through virtual reality technology, teachers can use simulation, simulation, borrowing and other ways to make the teaching environment more realistic, close to real life. The application of VR technology in teaching can reveal and show the essence of things to the greatest extent, and show the laws of movement and the connections between things in a virtual way. By effectively giving play to students' autonomous feeling ability, students can receive more and more specific information, deepen their understanding and memory of knowledge, and master professional skills more skillfully. The use of VR technology in teaching has the following significant implications:

1. It dissolves the traditional education mode, leads educational researchers to enter a teaching mode of reconfigurable teaching, breaks the shackles of traditional teaching, opens up a new space for teaching means, and establishes a new platform and new space for unreasonable rationalization, transcendental and innovation.

2. Virtual teaching sets up a brand new teaching mode in front of teachers, diversifies the classroom and improves the teaching quality and teaching means.

3. Virtual teaching expands students' horizon, breaks through the limitation of cognitive space and enrichs students' perception of the world.

4. Virtual teaching accelerates the research and exploration of educational informatization, promotes the reform and development of teaching, and improves the quality of teaching.

5. Virtual teaching combines the learning network with the learning subject, and sets up different learners in the same learning network, which is conducive to the openness of students' characters and the harmonious handling of interpersonal relationships. Virtual teaching method is an important phenomenon in the development of high technology. The complete application of information technology in teaching creates a high level and high income teaching mode and learning mode, which greatly enricheds the research results in the field of education.

Today, with the rapid development of computer software, VR technology has been gradually applied to various fields and become the new darling of The Times. And the use of educational field is an important means of educational reform, promoting the rapid updating of teaching means. Teachers should strictly use VR technology for teaching practice, carefully grasp the direction, and perfectly combine virtual reality technology with classroom teaching, which provides infinite possibilities in a limited space.