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A Brief introduction to human-computer Interaction in virtual Reality - Dr. Zhu Zhang


The black hole war is a great and profound thoughts of war, black hole theory of hawking radiation and evaporation leads to information inside a black hole unprovoked disappear, this makes the physics plumes, the law of conservation of information has been destroyed, it had a major impact on the foundations of quantum mechanics, therefore, the Germany as the representative of physicists in pursuit of truth, and know the world, for the purpose of Actively seek ways to reinvigorate the law of information conservation.

String theory with a Planck length of string write the song of the universe, stabilized the chaos of the microscopic world, found balance for quantum mechanics and relativity of conflict, also to show the law of conservation of information, while the holographic principle in real information is stored on the boundary of the universe, the information in the reality of disillusionment is only the illusion of the brain, So that the law of conservation of information becomes the basis of the physical world again more thoroughly. Another important thought of the holographic principle is that any part of the information contains the whole information, and the whole part contains the information, the overall breeds part, also show the whole and part, it coincides with the origin of Chinese philosophy - the core idea of "the book of changes", the way of Yin and Yang gossip show the changes on the growing, And the way that all things arise and change is in accordance with nature and the universe.

The end of the black Hole wars

The hologram principle is another baton in the black hole wars, based on the idea that the maximum amount of information a library can hold is equal to the total area of its external walls and ceilings, or its surface area. Similarly, the maximum amount of information a black hole can hold in Planck units is equal to the surface area of its event horizon. So physicists have come up with a crazy theory: the world is a hologram. Saskand describes a hologram this way: "A hologram is a two-dimensional film or two-dimensional lattice of face pixels that can store all the information in a three-dimensional scene. It's not a figment of your mind. The information is actually on the film." Therefore, according to the holographic principle, real information in the library does not exist in the inner shelf of the book, but in its outer walls and ceiling, the black hole real information is stored in the two-dimensional horizon surface, it is more clearly explain the black hole complementarity principle, falling into a black hole information stored in its surface on the horizon, while the whereabouts of the information is nothing more than the projection, But in the real world, now that we have ever seen, have experienced by the three-dimensional things are just the universe boundary two-dimensional projection of information, everything is an illusion of the brain caused by specific brain circuits, like the world famous painting "Mona Lisa smile", in our view, the mysterious woman in the painting and the reality of 3 d, Even the eyes of Mona Lisa will follow your figure, creating a real sense that as long as you look at her, she is also staring at you and smiling. However, we can't turn behind Mona Lisa and see her back. This is just a two-dimensional oil painting that is good at deceiving your eyes. In fact, the holographic principle has been in practice since before the black hole wars began. The term "holography" first appeared in Dennis Gabor's 1948 invention of "holography," which is a photographic technique that is different from traditional optical two-dimensional imaging. On the basis of recording the distribution of light intensity, it adds the comprehensive capture of the phase information, so that the viewer can see a very close to the real THREE-DIMENSIONAL image from all angles. Moreover, since each fragment receives the information of the light reflecting off the surface of the object, even if the three-dimensional image is broken, Within a certain threshold, its fragments can restore the whole picture again. Suskand, a pioneer in the black hole wars, demonstrated the holographic principle by saying, "The maximum number of bits of information that can be contained in a region of space is equal to the number of Planck plane pixels covered by the boundary area. This implies that everything in the region has a boundary description; The boundary surface is a two-dimensional hologram of the three-dimensional interior world."

These holograms are cinematic dynamic holograms, but also quantum mechanical holograms, where the three-dimensional landscape we're in is made up of complex quantum motion information, but when we track that information, it turns out that it's located on the most distant two-dimensional boundary of the universe. So information is eternal, visual disillusion is only a three-dimensional illusion, the world is a hologram, and the black hole wars are over.

2. Holography in Chinese philosophy

The significance of the holographic principle should not be limited to black hole warfare or even physics. It opens up a new perspective for our profound understanding of life and the universe. Mr. Li Zhichao, University of Science and Technology of China, once said: "Holography has so far been mainly regarded as a technical science, but its depth and breadth should be greatly expanded. From the perspective of informatics, holography is closely related to major science disciplines such as mind, life, and universe. Moreover, the holographic principle may be an important fulcrum to promote ancient Chinese philosophy to the world. Hologram thought can be said to be a traditional way of thinking in China since ancient times. The Book of Changes, the origin of Chinese philosophy, has been running through hologram thought from beginning to end. The movement of Yin and Yang is used to explain the laws of the movement of all things in the world. The Taoist theory of the unity of heaven and man, the acupuncture points and veins in the Huangdi Neijing are all permeated with the profound holographic thoughts of life and universe.

Can say, "I ching" bearing the ancient philosophers use intuition to grasp the essence of the universe, in astronomy, including geography, using only 8864 sticks the baggage and take the journey as the development and changes of the universe life of truth, and the fluctuation of the unity of nature and Taoism originate from the thousands of years of philosophy, the "book of changes" is full of simple and profound holographic thought. "Yin" and "Yang", "--" and "─" in the Book of Changes exactly correspond to "xin"

The "0" and "1" of the "xi" and the information of the world objects can be coded with "0" and "1", and the interaction of "Yin" and "Yang" in the Taiji diagram also gave birth to all things, and the development and movement of all things can not escape the arrangement and combination of "--" and "─" in the Eight Diagrams. Compared with the way of coding information with "0" and "1", The movement of Yin and Yang and the eight Diagrams in the Book of Changes become more vivid and profound.

"Man follows the earth, the earth follows heaven, heaven follows Tao, and Tao follows nature." This is a typical embodiment of hologram thought in Chinese philosophy. Lao Tzu vividly expressed the way of creation and operation of all things in the universe through a few simple words. He believed that man follows the law from earth, earth follows the law from heaven, heaven follows the law from Tao, and Tao follows the law from nature. All things come from the universe, and nature follows the universe. The tao of the universe is natural, consistent and complete, and also shows the tao of all things. Therefore, independent human beings should conform to the nature and merge with heaven and earth.

The Huangdi Neijing, which carries out the thoughts of Yin and Yang and five Elements in the Book of Changes, is the earliest medical book found in China so far. It is not only a book of medical techniques for curing diseases and saving lives, but also a book of health preservation that teaches people how to integrate with nature and nature. In the first chapter of the Huangdi Neijing · Su Wen, "On Ancient Innocence", it is mentioned: "I have heard that in ancient times there were real people, who brought forth the heaven and earth, held Yin and Yang, breathed the essence, and kept the god alone. Their muscles were like one, so they could live long and thin, without an end, and thus the tao was born. During the middle ages, there are to the people, chun de whole way, and in Yin and Yang, tune in the four, died away from the vulgar, the accumulation of fine god, parade between heaven and earth, eight far away from the sight and hearing, this gaiyi its life and the strong also, also belong to the real. Secondly, there are saints, at the sum of heaven and earth, from the eight wind principle, comfortable in the secular, no irate heart, do not want to leave the world, clothing chapter, do not want to view in the common, outside do not work in the matter, no thought of trouble, with pleasure for business, with complacency for work, the body is not open, the spirit is not scattered, can also be hundreds. Then there are the wise men, who rule the heavens and the earth like the sun and the moon, and distinguish the stars, and divide the Yin and the Yang into four hours. They will, from ancient times, contract the tao, and also make a long life and have polar hours."

From the human, to the human, the sage and then to the sage, the way of health is nothing more than and in the Yin and Yang four natural changes. Man is a part of the nature or the universe, and the human body also contains all the information of the universe. Therefore, man must live according to the law of the universe to conform to nature. The qi of heaven and earth can make all organs run normally, so as to keep healthy and prevent diseases. For example, there is a well-known Chinese saying: "Winter turnip eat summer eat ginger, no pain doctor prescribe", that is to say, try not to eat cold food in summer, but cold winter eat more cold food will let the body more comfortable, this is because the hot summer sun be the spirit with all people of the surface of the limbs, and inner insides to form a pattern of cold, Therefore, it is not appropriate to eat cold food to stimulate the inside, in winter, on the contrary, cold outside and hot inside, eating some cold food is good for health. Holographic thought in traditional Chinese medicine reflect incisively and vividly, for example, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine to see a person's face, tongue coating can understand his state of the whole body, can even point out where there is pathological changes, the Chinese small and medium to small minute can reflect people's health or not, so people all parts of the body influence each other, interact with each other, it is extremely important, The human body and the universe nature should be one, this is the real holographic. The holographic thought of Chinese traditional culture is numerous, but with holographic thought to explore and development of Chinese culture scholars are few and far between, today's even advanced science has also appeared in the aspects of various crises and not self-consistent, turned to eastern culture will be a way out for the future of science, carry forward the essence of Chinese culture, explore Chinese philosophy of the truth, For Chinese and foreign scholars, there is still a long way to go.

3. Universal law

Whether it's the Holographic principle, the I Ching, The Yin, Yang and the Eight Diagrams, or the "Tao", they all convey a truth to us: The world, the universe must be a "reason", a "tao", science and philosophy, followed by the east and the west is also a "tao", however, impossible to western science alone has a set of rules, and Oriental philosophy and unique another set of rules, doesn't the same person or thing, has its inner link, must be observed by the same rule. The fundamental particles such as photons and neutrinos are all composed of the same string. In the deepest micro level of science, the root of all things can be traced back to a vibrating string. The different vibration modes of the string correspond to the eight eight sixty-four hexagrams in the Book of Changes. Today's western science and philosophy and even in spirit are faced with a variety of crisis, so more and more open-minded, and depth of the western philosophers and scientists to realize the value of Chinese ancient philosophy, philosophy is not only limited to the value, still dark implicit scientific value, and holds the key to the life, the universe mystery, so they turned to Chinese philosophy, Trying to find the way of spiritual liberation and revealing the universe from Chinese philosophy. Is famous for its complementary principle of quantum mechanics world master - Bohr is present, as the kalama family crest logo, he value of China's philosophy, when he came to China to give lectures in the first sight of Yin and Yang and taiji diagram, with their complementary principle established spiritual connection, this connection is mysterious and natural, Contains the impulse to hit it off with the truth when touched. Thus, the laws of the universe can be felt with the mind.