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The Application of virtual and reality technology in the field of games - Dr. Li She


Abstract: the birth of virtual reality technology has been after 20 years of development, is regarded as the century one of the most important and the most novel research in computer field, is considered to be the one of the key new and high technology, with more perception, immersion, interactivity, imaginative and other features, is integrated the technologies of multidisciplinary and integrated technology. The introduction of virtual reality technology has become an important direction of the development of game design, but also an inevitable requirement of the development of game market. VR games at this stage have occupied a certain market share and have various advantages. This paper will start from the concept of virtual reality technology, analyze its application advantages in VR games, and discuss the impact of the arrival of 5G era on the development of VR games.

Keywords: Virtual reality technology; The game; More awareness; interactive

1 the introduction

VR is short for Virtual Reality, namely Virtual Reality technology. Virtual Reality is a new computer technology evolved from computer vision, simulation technology, human-computer interaction and other information technologies. By isolating the visual world from the real world, the display device enables people to travel through and immerse themselves in a completely virtual world. Virtual reality technology establishes artificial three-dimensional virtual environment, and users interact with objects in the virtual environment in a natural way, which greatly expands the ability of human beings to understand the world, simulate and adapt to the world. Virtual reality technology is widely used in simulation training, industrial design, interactive experience and other fields, to solve many major and universal needs.

Virtual reality technology plays a crucial role in game design, opening up a new era for the experience of games. Traditional digital games have adventure, intelligence, leisure, racing and other types for players to choose from. The content production and level setting are also reasonable, which can bring users a certain entertainment experience. With the constant progress of science and technology, virtual reality technology was introduced into the design of the game, VR for game provides a rich visual effect and space expression means, it is the interactive, immersive, and imagination of the three characteristics, make the game content quality improved obviously, laid the foundation for the development of VR games, provides players with deeper entertainment experience.

2. Development status of virtual reality technology in the field of games

Virtual reality technology is characterized by the deep combination of human perception and mechanical equipment. Games designed based on virtual reality technology can make users completely immerse themselves in the virtual environment and gain a high sense of immersion. From traditional 2D and 3D games to VR games, the experience of games is constantly updated and upgraded. In 2014, virtual Roller Coaster, a game designed by German VR Roller coaster company, made a good use of virtual reality technology. The game combines real-life roller coaster games with virtual video content. Visitors wear a helmet display and instead of a monotonous landscape, they will see exciting virtual scenes of space and dinosaurs. The game starts with sensors on the roller coaster's wheels synchronizing the real speed with the speed in the virtual world

The tracking positioning device, so that players experience the real roller coaster somersault, sharp turn and other effects. In 2016, NVIDIA released VRFun/ House, which allows users to play the game from a first view. PokemonGo has been widely praised as a simple VR mini-game.

In recent years, companies have been releasing their own VR strategies, which has contributed to the growth of VR in games. For example, in order to allow users to obtain physical exercise effects in the VR bike and cross-country games, users can adjust the virtual scenes according to their own needs through the combination of professional hardware equipment (fitness bikes, motion capture equipment, wireless transmission equipment, etc.) and virtual scenes built by VR technology. In addition to adding fun sports fitness can also allow users to get physical exercise. Combined with the traditional culture of folk custom VR games, on the design of the content close to daily life, in order to close to the reality of virtual scene in combination with the form of games allow users to the traditional folk culture have a more profound understanding, this kind of VR games would not only improve design level of within the gaming industry in our country, you can also to our country traditional culture inheritance and development play a positive role. At present, VR technology in the field of game application involves action, adventure, leisure, culture and other categories, while bringing users a sense of fresh experience, but also facing some problems to be solved. For example, mass consumers cannot accept expensive VR equipment, and game experience is affected by network bandwidth factors.

3. Features of VR games

3.1 Strong immersion

In the process of game production, the first artificial games are two-dimensional games, such as Dungeons and Warriors, Sky breaking, Journey to the West, etc. Two-dimensional games are characterized by the creation of abstract characters, relatively low graphics quality and poor user experience. Due to the rapid development of Internet technology and the dominant position of 3D in the game market, the production of 3D technology for games such as League of Legends, Honor of Kings and Fifth Personality is more complex than ever before, while the characters are more sensitive and can take full advantage of user interests. But in two or three dimensions, the user is playing behind the screen. Virtual reality game users for a more realistic vision, become the first 3D game users in the virtual world can automatically switch, even in the real world, for example, in some places, can provide virtual reality games, immersed in the virtual world, users can achieve real games.

3.2 High interactivity

In the traditional game application mode, regardless of 2D or 3D, except mobile games, users will give action instructions to the characters in the game by pressing the corresponding keys on the keyboard. However, the operation has strong mechanical properties. In addition to the display and judgment of the system, users do not know what the result of the operation is, which also reduces the user experience. VR headsets equipment applications, games, handle and so on, the user can in a virtual scene simulation program, using the handles related operations in the scenario simulation run characters, create this game will provide users with better service experience, at the same time increase the degree of interaction between the user and the machine, so that the whole game experience more fun, more real.

3.3 Strong fidelity

Unlike traditional games, virtual reality games greatly simplify the virtual scene. The buildings and characters are basically restored to scale, allowing the user to more realistically experience the relevant content in the virtual environment during the experience. At the same time, the game itself has a high rate of updates when the user experiences the environment. The update rate can be up to 90 frames per second, almost real-time transmission of user experience in the process of relevant feelings. In addition, the game is accompanied by real-time transmission of sound effects, which gives the user a sense of immersion under the influence of 3D sound, allowing them to truly feel the realistic environment created by the game content.

Application of virtual reality technology in the field of games

4.1 Application of VR technology in game animation design

The use of virtual reality technology in animation game computer system, virtual reality based on virtual reality hardware and software of virtual reality games, so as to use 3d animation, virtual reality in different nodes, to understand the scene, such as the game of animation scene design. In a virtual reality scenario, game users can feel it clearly and intuitively

By the virtual dynamic effect, so that they are very close to reality in the animation, experience the infinite charm of virtual reality.

4.2 Application of VR technology in serious games

Serious games are game-oriented and integrate the types and content of games, not only to develop and entertain the basic elements of traditional games, but also to spread effective information of cultural and operational knowledge. In the process of games, education, training and pluralistic spirit of thinking games are carried out. The concept of serious games was originally developed by the International Center for Scholars in the United States in the early 2000s, with the aim of better regulating and solving negative problems in game design and development. After the introduction of the concept of serious games, China's game industry has made good achievements in educational games and other fields from the perspective of the current situation of national development. Used for serious games virtual reality games, needs analysis, a clear teaching goal, teaching content and teaching methods, and assessment on the basis of development goals of scenario and design characteristics of the virtual platform, optimize the game scene design, based on virtual product design and user interface, define the corresponding interactive methods, to achieve a high level of design and application.

4.3 Application of VR technology in fitness games

With the continuous improvement of production level of human society, health has become an important issue in all walks of life. The serious imbalance between working time and exercise time and the constant crowding of urban Spaces have become obstacles to human health. The focus on fitness Spaces and the diversification of fitness games clearly requires the use of VR. The combination of recreation and physical activity can promote the development of fitness games, promote the development of human health, and constantly improve the effect of exercise. At present, the cross-country bike game based on virtual reality has shifted from theoretical research to game design. Motion and manipulation devices for game design include sports bikes, motion capture input devices, voice control input devices, and wireless transmission devices. The application of virtual reality technology covers the reconstruction of virtual scene, the construction of operating platform and the rendering of 3D scene. Compared with traditional games, the west driving and cross-country games based on virtual reality technology have introduced more entertainment activities. From fitness, sports to unprecedented rich sports experience, and even according to their own needs in the scene can be adjusted, give full play to the imagination of athletes, better promote the activities of exercisers. Utilizing virtual reality technology in a huge market of games, promoting sports fitness and spatial development must be virtual reality application, but in the development and production process need to solve key problems.

5 conclusion

With the continuous development of science and technology, the social and economic level continues to improve. At the same time, people's interest in games changes as their spending power increases. The fidelity and immersion advantages of virtual reality games will play a dominant role in the future development. At the same time, in order to improve the market competitiveness of virtual reality games, virtual reality games must be done well. As a product of the development of the new era, virtual reality technology has produced some application systems on the basis of information technology, Internet, digital technology and 3D production technology, but the development is relatively short. However, it is still in the initial stage of the system, and it is a long-term task. In order to meet the needs of The Times, enterprises must cultivate a high-quality and versatile scientific research team. Only in this way, can virtual reality game practical design, virtual reality game interoperability, user experience be improved.


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